Automatic Die Punching Machine


VIC-900 Automatic Die Cutting Machine is designed with human-computer interface, which offers convenient machine operation. Equipped with servo motor driving and positioning system, AC frequency converter, auto-counting device, manual (pneumatic)lock plate, photoelectric error-correction device, electromagnetic clutch, centralized lubrication system, over-load protection device and uniquely-designed rotational mechanism, our die cutting machine features smooth paper feeding and unwinding, and accurate positioning, etc.


The key components and control system of our computerized micro-gap flat creasing and die cutting machines are acquired from other countries. Their precise configuration guarantees sable machinery operating pressure, precise positioning, stable operation and high safety standard. CY-850B Automatic rotary die cutting machine can cut the roll paper into shaped sheet blank. High speed, 170-230 times/ min, about 600-1000 pcs/min. Cut the roll paper to small blank directly, control the wast, the paper wastage rates small than normal cutting machine. Automatic and request less labor.


Die-cutting precision: +-0.10mm
Rated die-cutting speed: 60-100times/min
Highest die-cutting speed: 110 times/min; 5,400times/hour
Highest die-cutting pressure: 120T(250N/cm2)
Max. suitable paper size: 900 x 530mm
Min. suitable paper size: 490 x 400mm
Paper specification: 130?500g/m2
Motor power (total): 11kw
Main motor power: 7.5kw
Overall dimension: 4,000 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm
Machine weight: 6,000kgs
Optimum environment: ventilating and dry conditions, 10-25?