Toilet Roll Making Machine

Machine Specification

You can make roll by hard paper and soft paper also.

Price- 450000/-Rs

Specification of Toilet Roll Making Machine

Model Toilet Roll Making Machine with Embossing
Size 81 cm working
Slitting distance 99 mm
Cutter 8 Rotary Cutter with Holder & Bottom
Perforation Repeat on 110 mm above
Maximum rewind 200mm
Motor 2 HP DC Motor with thyrister control drive
Speed 1500 to 1,800 Rolls/8 Hrs/100gm
Unwind Station One
Man Power One Operator & 1 Packer
Raw Material 16 gsm (2ply)
Maximum Unwind Dia 1200 mm Max
Counting Auto cut Digitally Counting
Embossing Attachment with mechanical Embossing ( Metal to rubber) design as per requirement