1. Adopt the ceramic wove roller to spread black.
  2. Webbing and winding controlled by magnetism power brake, clutch.(or the automatic tension controller of Mitsubishi of Japan of a polygamy
  3. Printing unit adopt 360week to regulate to edition each.
  4. Printing unit have one infrared to dry the device group each.
  5. The black roller can break away from automatically while parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid water being black to be dry.
  6. The main motor is adopted imports the step-less regulation of frequency conversion.
  7. Support paper from tube material, print, have light, dry automatically by infrared ray, punch by one group computer paper, compound the film, and winding competed in one time, the mould is the best for each printing blouse for print trade invoice and by adhesive tape make of top-grade.


Max. printing speed 50 meter/minute
Printing color 4-6 color
Max. paper roll width 850mm
Max. unwinding diameter 1300mm
Total power 13Kw
Precision of chromatography �0.15nn
Max. Printing width 850mm
Printing girth 160-370mm
Max. Winding diameter 1300mm
Weight 4500 KG