Dona Making Automatic Double Die Crank Machine

Paper plates/Thali, Bowl/Dona Making Machine. 

Automatic double die Plates/Thali, Plate, Bowl/Dona making Roll Crank Machine. The plant consists of the following items two 5 to 12 inches die Dies will be change as per requirement.You can make two different size in same time.

ELECTRICITY: This machine required 350 units per month. And this machine could be run under domestic light. This is single phase machine.

SPACE: You need 12ftx12ft room for manufacturing.

PRODUCTION: 1 worker can make approx 20000 to 24000 from this machine per day.

MAN POWER: This machine required one operator. This is very good machine. This machine running by crank very low noise and smoothly running. Very less maintenance is in this machine.

MODE OF PAYMENT: All payment will be made in cash or DD or Cheque through Adonis Trend Company bank account. you have to pay 50% as a advance at the time of plant booking. and rest amount 50% will be pay at the time of delivery of machine.

TRAINING: Our Trained Technician trainer will give you the complete training for making the above mentioned finished products. You have to provided him accommodation/food at your station and his normal fare for train and local conveyance at your station.After training if you will call technician than you have to pay service charge 500/Rs in local and 1000/-Rs for out of city. for imported machine company will charge 2000/-per day.